Found a proof but no xch

Hi all, this morning I saw that i had found proof last night in my logs. Hooray! But then checked my wallet balance - no change. Boo.

My wallet is in sync and my seek time for that proof was 0.96s. I didn’t see any spew about connection errors around that time either, so the likely culprits are ruled out. Is there anything else that could be going on that would make me miss the boat on this xch?

My understanding was that if you find a proof, you’ll win xch - even if multiple people find a proof, multiple people would get paid out in full (as has happened many times already on the chain). Was I mistaken?

Have you searched chiaexplorer with your wallet address? I remember reading some people complaining about their GUI not updating their rewards.

Yep, that was the first thing I did - no dice. (as a side note - I’ve farmed XCH before, so I know everything’s working in general - just not in this case for some reason)

iirc there’s different qualities of proofs and the better one gets the XCH. Anyoen recall this?

I also want to give praise to how you asked your question. You did some homework first before asking. I really appreciate that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Looking on’s faq, and it says the following.

Once a plot passes the plot filter it then competes for the best proof of space with every other plot that also passed that plot filter for that signage point.

This seems to jive with what you’re saying about qualities of proofs - but it doesn’t explain how sometimes multiple people will win a block. Maybe there’s some threshold for quality, and anyone who’s above it will win the block?

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This thread seems to have somewhat useful info/discussion:

From the top answer:

Multiple proofs can win the same challenge if they all have good enough proof, and good enough proof is determined by current difficulty and sub-slot iterations. If there are too many winners or too few, those parameters adjust (every 4608 blocks).

Ah, thanks for sharing that link. OP responded in the comments, he heard back from the developers about this issue:

Received the message from one iof the developers: It could be one of three things.

  1. you received the signage point late due to network conditions or too many users 2, timelord received your block too late
  2. The signage point that you won did not end op on the chain due to a fork

So sounds like it’s something that could happen every now and then, but rarely - and for the most part if you find a proof you get the xch. I was just simultaneously lucky and unlucky in this case.

(and yes, he said one of three things and only listed two things. Argh)

Thanks for your help all.

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This does not bode well for Chia if a dev can’t count :laughing:

Reminds of the joke “There are 10 types of people…those that can use binary, and those that can’t.”