Found proof but no reward?

I was checking the log file to see if my response time is under 5s and I found this line:

2021-07-18T19:17:20.360 harvester chia.harvester.harvester: INFO 13 plots were eligible for farming 89c3c495be… Found 1 proofs. Time: 1.66683 s. Total 5419 plots

It says that I found a proof but I wasn’t rewarded with 2 xch. Shouldn’t I get 2 xch?

I wonder if it may be something with one of the new updates? I have seen several proofs found over the last couple of days with only 200 plots (my new NFT plots as I replot from my OG plots), and none have had block rewards. I have a couple warnings with plots being at like 7 or 8 seconds, but nothing major.

Are you part of a pool? If so, that is not like the old “proof” you would see in your logs. That is a partial proof that is sent to the pool to show you are farming and help them determine how many plots you have. You will see a lot of those in your logs.

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Hey Wolf, yes I am farming to a pool, so maybe that is why I occasionally see proofs in the farming GUI.

Yes that’s it. It’s all partials. Thanks :man_facepalming: .