Foxy-Pool Chia (OG) boot drive died. Are other pools prepared for such a problem?

Foxy-Pool Chia (OG) boot ssd drive died. The data backup did not work as expected. The last backup was 5 days ago. We lost 6 days of earnings.

To those pools who are here. What are your plans for such potential problem. What redundancy do you have in place? What is your backup plan/procedure?

I hope you’ll give us confidence in your pool service.

Some info can be a little sensitive. I’ll give out as much as I can - at Maxiopool we have redundant load balancer in different regions, clusters of pool servers with health check every minute, point-in-time database recovery. Regional servers in the plan for business continuity reason. We do not cut corners. :slight_smile:


In layman’s terms, if our servers were destroyed for some reason, we’d be up and running again about an hour later. Our backups are not even physically near the server in question.

You’d lose no rewards even then, because in the official pooling protocol, farmers build the blocks. The pool would claim farmed blocks later anyway. Points wouldn’t be updated for the time the server is down, but that’s not a problem for PPLNS because it’s relative so it would affect everyone equally and a short downtime has minimal impact.

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I remember all the fools here that were saying the foxypool guys could be trusted with OG plots and keys because they do this professionally for a long time. Turns out they are just a bunch of lucky amateurs.

After 24 hours of newly estimating your EC, the earned rewards will be given to the pool members by there share. This will be a very good estimation to the EC of the users before the server down as no one plots OG plot since the offical pool release.
As @21chia stated, no pool rewards are lost as every pool member farms by his own and the pool rewars are distributed later on.

LOL. “Lucky amateur’s” that have been hard drive mining for longer than any hard drive pool out there. Foxy knows what it’s doing.


On AWS? This sounds familiar :slight_smile:

yes, it is amazing what’s avaiable these days comparing to 10/15 years ago

Please, these things happen.

I get it, this sucks. If you can’t wait 24 hours to fix things, which they will be fixed, then that’s on you.



just wanted to also add a comment in here regarding the outage and data loss.
We had multiple things fail, and i agree, the data loss could have been partially prevented by better safeguards and checks in place (which we now do have). Unfortunately shit like this happens sometimes, and we can only do our best in these situations trying to resolve the problem and finding a solution for everyone.

Regarding the missing rewards for all users, but especially users who have not hit their collateral yet (and thus didnt receive daily payouts reducing the missing amount) there are already plans posted to credit those over the next 24h once everyone has had a chance to stabilize their EC / pool share. For more info on this please check out the corresponding channels in our discord and the announcments.

I hope we won’t see any issues of this nature again, its not only a pain for users, but also myself, and i can only blame myself.


As pool operators ourselves we second this statement. We’ve had issues before as well on ETH.


Dude… if I can have to work through restoring from an eight day old back up due to unexpected surprises while working on league of legends, the most played video game in the world, despite our best efforts…. then I can give foxy a hall pass on a stale back up.

Also given how low his payout threshold is, if you weren’t getting payouts for six days and lost all that, that means you lost pennies or dollars worth of Chia and most

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