Foxy-pool does not return my farming reward

Thank you all for comments in Foxypool topic. Yes, it is questionable who’s false is it, as in Foxypool Manual there is 0 information about changing payout address.

But you missing a point. Even if it was my mistake, it does not change the fact, that Foxypool have received my money and refused to return it. Felix confirmed that it is my reward, it does not belong to pool, still have no intention to send it back to me. And this is wrong.

No speculations, only facts. Would be great to hear reasonable answer from Felix.

Why did you create a new thread to discuss an open thread?

Because old thread was closed and delisted.

Soooooooo, you didn’t get the hint.

Come on, when somebody does something wrong, people have a right to know it.
May be last post had some speculations, it was the reason. Here only facts.
In what way am I wrong here?

As much as I sympathise with you, and personally would have returned your coins, it was your error, best to just learn your lesson and move on IMO.

But I did not drop it into volcano. It was sent in to account. Why not simply return it?

They don’t want to and don’t have to, that simple.
You should have checked your software was correctly configured after leaving the pool.

As @felixbrucker stated in the other thread, the pool reward of 1.75 is distributed to the pool members and doesn’t exist on foxy-pool. So @felixbrucker has to pay it from his XCH, which would never happen as it wasn’t his fault.

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You want to say that distributing money that do not belong to you is a right thing?