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foxy pools has a chia pool up and working. Is this using new pool based plots or is it still running the older plots? its a little ambiguous?

Hi All this can be used with old plots I am struggling to figure out how to install it in windows or if I can use my existing gui

If anyone who has run the pool enabled .exe and you already have an existing wallet did you find it made the necessary changes to enable the pool. I am having trouble finding the correct lines in the config.yaml file

can anyone help with the syntax for this please?

Add the pool_url config option in the farmer section of your chia config.yaml and set it to

Add the pool_payout_address config option in the farmer section of your chia config.yaml and set it to your desired chia payout address

You have to add the lines, aren’t in the config. You can also join the discord channel for fast and helpful answers.

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thankyou over there now

pool_payout_address: xxx etc

I used this syntax rebooted the chia gui and its started ok but the pool is not seeing my farmer

So this is testnet pool or what?

foxy pool has opened a new pool that will mine with first gen plots

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I edit the config.yaml file and then restart the miner and it is removing my changes and reverting the file? Does this mean there is a syntax error?

So we earn normally when mine chia?

Just working on the last of the connection now

Where is the discord channel?

did you use the official chia client of theirs?

look here for links and commands

Yes I understand that but this thread started with you lost and then it seems you figured it out and did not share what you did, adding htat success will help others in the future.

apologies on that page is a download link for the foxy pools enabled software at github. If you install the enabled software and insert the two lines of information into the config.yaml file you will be able to pool mine on foxy pools. If you have any questions I am happy to help with the process.

yes you get all the benefits of a pool

discord is here

apologies all, the work that I did happened at 3am and I am only now awake again and catching up

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Hi the client is available here for windows

The discord is in their info page:

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