Free Chia faucet. Get up to 0.05 free XCH every hour!

Hi! We would like to present you a new chia faucet: Previously we supported only testnet (our link is pinned in the official keybase testnet channel). Now we decided to go further and added mainnet as well so that you can get your FREE Chia right now. Please use it with pleasure and leave your valuable comments. We appreciate your suggestions!

Our advantages :
- you get 50% of referral income forever
- instant withdrawal as soon as you have 0.00005 XCH on your balance
- every roll is provably fair (we provide all the necessary data to check)
- you may get up to 0.05XCH (~13USD) every hour (will be increased in the future)
- all security measures adopted (ssl, 2fa, etc…)

We are planning further development and new features as well as more activities and rewards for our users. Our first two goals are dice and lottery. However we will alwaysl be happy to consider your suggestions

Do not hesitate to contact us in case you need via


Awesome, will give this a spin.

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Hi! Our faucet continues to develop. We decided to add Leaderboard, where you can see top 10 users with highest balance, roll and referral count. If you have any suggestions, feel free to tell us.
We plan to add Dice soon, so that you can increase your income even more. Follow our news.

Cool. Will give it a try.

If anyone wants to get some referral bonus, feel free to use this one for some mutually beneficial extra Chia.

Your faq is unreadable. I can barely see the characters.

Could you please tell us whether you use Opera? What browser do you use and which version?
We will do our best to fix that issue as soon as possible.

Brave browser. But it’s the same with Chrome and Safari. I think it’s your theme or css. Even just the login field the text is not clear when I type in the email.




Thank you for your report. We have already fixed this issue. We have checked couple of browsers and it seems to be solved. Please advise if you still encounter the issue.

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Tried it.

Use below signup link so we can both get referral faucet forever. Thanks.

Hi there! We would like to announce to you that we have tested a new game “Dice” on our faucet. It allows you to increase your rewards even more without any deposits.
You play only using funds received on our faucet. We are going to release it completely during this weekend.
Meanwhile we are busy with redesign and even more features are coming soon.


It works. Got my 50M mojos :smile: . Looking forward to my first withdrawal

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Hi there! We are happy to tell you about our new update. We finally completed and released a dice game as it was pledged. You may now play it using funds received from faucet without any deposits.

P.S. We also changed our main page. Keep working on site redesign.

Chia (XCH Dice)

Been using for 2 weeks now, this is by far the best faucet I’ve seen so far in terms of value.
Below is my proof. Some luck counts too. Small penny I know but in long terms it could be worthwhile.
2B mojos, equal to 2k of guaranteed 1M for each provably fair claim.


If anybody wants to join the train, below is the link to register page:

I find Dice feature is more for users with ‘nothing to lose’ as it could wipe all your already collected faucets.
Of course, if you win the bets, you will be happier. Otherwise… :slight_smile:
Not for me.

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“Node is syncing. Withdrawals are temporary unavailable” is not syncing. How to fix it?

Welcome to the faucet world …

And this is a typical faucet scrypt … there are hundreds of similar sites that ‘failed’ only a handfull of that script remain in business but altered big time, besides if you run a script to calc the chance to win 0.05 with 1 claim/h it gets like to 1 chance in 300 years … more or less …

What annoys me the most is the following

Screenshot (94)

Currently CHIA-XCH is kinda Free 0 cost to transfer, so why wait for 50 claims … and as @Vik just claimed they already have ‘withdrawal issues’ …

There are plenty of faucets with direct pay as soon claimed ZEN/ZEC/XTZ/DGB/etc … not get rich thingies but hey freebies

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Hi there!
Node sync is not our issue. The node, which was created by chia developers fails to sync sometimes. Please be patient, and wait until it gets sync again. We plan to add few more nodes and switch between them in future to eliminate this issue.

Use the recovery code has run out. How to recover?

Can anyone explain this Faucet thing to me?

I don’t really believe in free stuff, things tend to cost money. Forgive my scepticism.

Why would you spend a lot of time and effort to setup and promote free giveways?
Is data being collected and sold? Advertisements?

This sounds like a well know crypto thing, but I don’t get it :sweat_smile:

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There is an official Chia faucet that provides 100 mojo per IP I believe. This site is required so that everybody can have the one mojo required to join a pool without having to earn or buy it.

Many other faucets are real, trickling out small amounts of a coin. The reasons for doing so are many and varied, with little fraud except that some of the faucets do not deliver. My only real concerns would be if the faucet web site was bad or if they wanted you to sign up to access the faucet. The only reason some want you to sign up is to collect your info.

If a faucet works you will have your coin in wallet in hours and may return if they allow multiple drinks at the faucet.

Amounts are generally micro small, but some are not insignificant.

This article is about bitcoin but is completely relevant.

Even the best faucets deliver such micro amounts that it is not worth your time except for fun.

We do not quite get your “scepticism”. We do not sell your data. It is stated in our Privacy Policy