Fresh windows install chia just refuses to open



I did train 2 people in the method. with such success. it can be replicated.

Oh, that’s a decent rig. Shouldn’t have an issue with Chia; I see your point.

Yeah, I’d check all of your virus stuff, and maybe even ‘run as administrator’ just to see if it helps once.

Worst case, delete it all and start fresh (blockchain too). Hopefully you have the mnemonic phrase and a backup copy of the blockchain handy to move over.

I can mount a drive multiple times in Windows, its easy. In fact my brother even asked the other day if this would work.

its done with using a special fuse mountain proxmox. u can write in your own variables in each conf.
I discoverd one that allows for multi-mount points. multiple containers…
a plot is a plot and asz long as there is a unique harvester looking after the plots it actuallty. works.

it has to be to different containers (low overhead, direct access to hardware) each harvester must be unique and initialized sepereatly.
VMS do not work as they cannot share the hosts hardware.
and I also tried using a internal smb server with vms. this does not work
but with containers… u can even slice up even a gpu…

best to creat a script that automates the entire process.
leaving u with 60 harvesters. each with 4gb ram and 2 cores.

they have to look entirely different and each need there own ca generated uniquely.

but yes it does work. proxmox is the perfect tool.

u can’t just mount a drive multiple times as the farmer will see the replicated plots and it will fail…

entirely unique containers.
best built from a template that u can clone that generates a new container.
but the ca must be unique.
the Mac address of the machine
and the machine id truncated.

this does work

good luck

I saw it as making my farm stupid dum retarded efficient

everyone els saw it as cheating. this was in the beginning tho.

maybe people are more open minded now?

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ran as admin. same affect. I also deleted and re installed a newer version. same thing

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Plot id stops any plot winning multiple times at once, or so i believe.
So self pooling, youll just have good figures in gui that will not pay out as expected, or so i believe.

You probably already know that as you were told you were just tricking the gui, and nvr provided any proof you were winning when your gui said you would.


Right. The plot ID.
C that would make sense.
And in any other configuration other than what I did. It doesn’t work. The plots a recognized and the farmering fails. Harvesters collide. I dunno about solo: but my gui numbers where crazy.

As long as the containers are unique in every way the plots pass.

Strang thing was. Some harvesters would win while others wouldn’t. Even While sharing the exact same plots…

I observed a lot of chias vulnerabilities I think

should not be able to confuse anything.
Or glitch my gui as such.

It works on pools. That’s why they ban within a hour of me joining using this method

When was still a thing
i talked with the pool owner and he agreed to let me continue to pool with them using this method…. And it was working.
My numbers looked great from a few feet away but under microscope it’s extremely fishy having 60 harvesters with the same number of plots.
But then
The next day literally they shut down entirely.