Full Node not showing any farming info on local and remote harvester

I’m having my remote harvester set up over a VPN network. On full node GUI, i’m seeing the harvester joined network already with its VPN address and blocks challenge also see the harvester’s blocks counting over a time.

connection to harvester and attempted proofs (the remote one has 123 plots, local = 51 plots)

I’ve checked netstat to confirm that connection between farmer/harvester is established, both on my local node and remove harvester via port 8447.

/home/> netstat -an | grep 8447
  TCP               LISTENING
  TCP        ESTABLISHED  >>> local farmer-harvester
  TCP      ESTABLISHED  >>> remote harvester over a VPN
  TCP    [::]:8447              [::]:0                 LISTENING

However, just curious that in my debug logs (already set log level to INFO), there hasn’t been any farming info between my full node and the harvester peers. (either my local harvester, or remote harvester)

 /.chia/mainnet/log> cat debug.log | grep farming_info

>>> //nothing here

Is there any way to verify that my full nodes and farms are working correctly?

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SInce version 1.1.6, network traffic is under DEBUG mode. So to see the harvester traffic, you need to set your logging level to DEBUG (not INFO).


oh, that helps a lot, will give it a try and check on it again.