Full node started using 100% CPU

My full node process started to use 100% CPU, out of the blue.
Is anyone else seeing the same?

1.1.5 on Ubuntu.

I see a barrage of new_unfinished_block messages in the log.


Did not look at logs, but my rasp pi node’s load avg is usually around 0.7 but this morning it was 1.1, so things do seem to be a little bit heavy today.

I definitely see Chia using an entire core on modern 4-core Intel CPUs these days… same thing at the datacenter… here’s one of my home farmers:

This did not use to be the case.

I wonder if there is something going on. I heard Bram Cohen once mention on a stream, that there was a DDOS against Chia?

Another symptom of this is that it rotates debug.log in just 14mins now.

I heard him once saying they were fighting fires. Maybe he was referring to that attack. It might also be the reason why so many people are having sync issues.

Yeah here’s my full node farming a lot of plots, doing nothing else – finally cleared my upload backlog:

and this big spike, I switched to single graph view

To my eye, that’s a solid core of a Kaby Lake Intel Xeon, granted a low end one, but still… Chia is consuming one core!

Apparently, this got fixed with version 1.1.6

I’ve upgraded to 1.1.6 just now, and am indeed seeing more modest CPU usage, but I suspect CPU load increases with connection count, so it will take a while to really know.

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On my system (Intel Core I7 6700 3C/8T) the Full Node process by itself uses around 15% CPU, 2.2GB of RAM and 500 MB I/O (v1.1.5)