Full nodes sees harvester, but cant find plots ( no plots eligible for farming)


I just connected my No.2 machine ( plotter -harvester) to my No. 1 machine ( full node) on the same LAN, using the CA certificate.
It appears to me, that the No.1 sees No.2, however it cannot find the plots on No.2’s storage.

The log on No.1 reads:

2021-07-17T11:48:09.918 harvester chia.harvester.harvester: INFO 0 plots were eligible for farming be12091cd0… Found 0 proofs. Time: 0.00171 s. Total 42 plots

Has any1 had this?
I am using mad max for plotting on both pcs.

Did you add the plot directories on your harvester machine with chia plots add -d /directory/path?

Plot stays in harvester machine… it will not show in Farmer machine. Only plots directly connected to the Farmer machine is shown.

You can see the harvester machine plots in Last Attempted Proof of Farmer machine. You’ll see like 1/42 or 0/42. That means your harvester is connected to the Farmer machine and is doing the challenges. All is good.

Also, in Farm tab in your Farmer machine click the Advance Options at the bottom and you’ll see in “Your Harvester Network” the IP of the harvester machine.

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You can check your farming status by ./chia farm summary

If your plots at No.2 don’t show up, it’s most likely that you didn’t set the plot directory in No.2.

Think of harvester as it’s own entity. That talks to the farmer entity… if u have plots on your farmer. Than your farmer is also a harvester… and it will show in logs that ur farmer is harvesting plots…

If u have 1 full node/farmer. And a few harvesters.
And u only plots assigned to harvesters.

Ur farmers logs will read correctly that u aren’t harvesting any plots.

Because your farmer doesn’t have anything to harvest.
The harvesters are the ones in charge of harvesting.

Check your harvesters logs… they will read the number of plants you have. And u can also run a chia plots check on harvester. Should come back with no error.

If u run plots check on ur farmer/full node… and Havnt assigned a dir. to it directly. It will say cant find any plots.

This is correct.

A tip tho…
… figure out how to have ur farmer ONLY worry about farming and talking to full node. Wich can be itself…… let solo harvesters do the harvesting… of all your plots…. they’re great at it. Farmers don’t make the best harvesters… especially when forced to look after 1000tb of disks…
Wildly un efficient……

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

The latest chia client shows and adds harvester plots to the total for me.

Yes, I did, right in the beginning

Thanks for your input.
I done all the checks, No.2 sees its own plots no problem. The plots are valid, it’s all set ok.

Actually, I want No. 2 to be plotter only. I do not even start any chia instance on it. Only venv.

Did you remember to start the harvester on machine 2?
chia start harvester

Yes, I did. I think I have set all correctly, that’s why I am lost with this matter

Wait, I just read this properly, this is normal. it just means that none of your plots were eligible for the current challenge. Once eligible it’ll check for proofs. 0 here doesn’t mean it isn’t loaded.

ur such a rude person. seriously.
when it’s entirely obvious you barely have an idea whats going on.