Fullnode go out of sync often

I tried this on three different computers -

My fullnode sync without problem, works for 20-30 min then it goes out of sync.

enable_upnp: false

I run node on separate computer with enought RAM and CPU

So you have the same problem on all 3 computers? Are you running 3 farmers? Do you have port 8444 forwarded to one machine?


I separated the node from the harvester. Currently run is quite big machine, 8 cores, 64 RAM - node + farmer.

I have second node, on different machine (online server I do not use for anything - kind of backup solution) - 24 or 32 cores and 128 RAM - situation is same - since yesterday evening GMT - out of sync.

Currently height I see is 303’757, and my node is 303’659.