FuturePool.io - Just got the first block

Most of our farmers already know it but…

We have farmed our first block! :rocket::rocket:

It may sound like something usual on bigger pools, but we are a small one growing each day a bit more and it is very exciting for the team and our members.

Some data:

  • Block farmed: #637057
  • Reward amount: 1.75 XCH
  • Farmer that got the block: 0x5e61aadb784cf2653f9ba8d4633ca7c3e07705440ecca85d9c76179d43290529
  • 45 farmers (~20%) have already received their payments with just this block (>= 0.01XCH). Rest of farmers have their balance pending and can check it on the dashboard.

Let’s keep it farming! :muscle:


… and remember that if you join the FuturePool before August 1st, you will have a 0% fee while you keep farming with us!