FuturePool.io - Official Launch!


We are glad to announce that our Chia pool is ready and we are launching it today!

And to celebrate it we are offering a flat 0% pool fee rate for any farmer joining us before 08/01/2021 as long as they keep farming with us.

Our pool has a fixed 0.5% fee for everyone else and we split the rewards using a PPLNS based on the partials received on the 12 hours before the block is found.

We have been working hard on our backend built using Elixir language to ensure that pool operations are made in a safe and performant way.
Because of this we have been testing the pool for a few days with a beta testers team that have been plotting and farming on the pool.

Our team, with long experience in development of high-concurrency systems have designed and prepared the pool to be able to grow safely.

You can join us pointing you Plot NFTs to https://chia.futurepool.io

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Wow! The farmer dashboard looks superb :heart_eyes:

Good job!!


Thanks @jarfaiter I’ve been working for a while in the farmer dashboard.

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airdrop some xch for a good start

Yeah, that’s the most important thing about a pool…

Love the 0 XCH of the guy who posted the dashboard though…

This is common for small pools which all start this way until they grow enough netspace to find blocks and distribute them between farmers.

So what’s the deal about joining a pool and still waiting for ever to get a coin? Because if you are lucky to find a coin, you have to share it with everyone else. If you were solo, you would get all 2 XCH for yourself.

You might be lucky and get a block that you have to share, or others in the pool can be lucky and get a block (and you get your part).

You can also get a block on other pools and others will take their part - a much bigger part on much bigger pools. Pooling is just about sharing the luck, not about thinking that you are going to get a block and lose a part :smiley:


Glad to see that others are using our website haha, we open sourced it for a reason.

It is not based on your open source frontend, FuturePool site is made from scratch using sveltejs inspect the code if you want :smiley:

Your design is nice, but react not.

I’m flexpool users since 6 month ago, your dashboard is nice this is inspired on flexpool but ours is most performant thanks to elixir+svelte tandem.

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Ah my mistake! Glad you enjoyed the design!

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