FYI: Network is down @ block 255108 -- Upgrade to 1.1.5 ASAP

Lots of reports that people have lost sync. Just throwing the notice that the network IS stopped. Chiaexplorer also reports the last block being 255108

Here is the response from a developer.

Note that release 1.1.5 is now out and has the fix so install it ASAP –

Update: VERY important to update to 1.1.5:


Update: Devs are aware and are looking into it. Acknowledgement happened on their KeyBase chat


Sifting through Keybase is beyond my ability. Did they say how’s that even possible?

Can I continue plotting without Sync? Or is Sync essential for plotting?

You can plot without syncing. You can also plot 100% offline.


Not yet, Keybase is crashing now due to everyone commenting.

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You can even plot on a machine that’s not connected to the internet at all.

I’m calling it 25SLOB ← great take on Keybase by @roybot! :joy:

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My official unofficial explanation: Bram tripped on an ethernet cable and disconnected something. (Did you know Chia is run from Bram’s Comcast router?)


If this is a 51% attack (via hpool) how does a blockchain recover without forking into a new one?

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I’m synced to 255111 now so it was just momentary. But I’m curious about causes nonetheless.

Bram reconnected the cable. We are now past 255108

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Yeah but if this is a 51% attack, by whose consensus are we now moving?

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synced but stuck @255113 now.

I’m at 255114. How do you know you are stuck?

it was staying at 113 and not showing any block for minutes but now i am at 116. and i am checking my logs that i am not attending any challenges in more than 100 secs.

I recommend you below tool which sends me challange issues via telegram. maybe you are already using.

Back to hard down, not syncing

Solution (?) is in a branch on GitHub. Up to you if you want to upgrade now or wait for a patch release to the ‘latest’ branch.

Still not stable for me after switching.

Oh, I didn’t see that as a solution. I saw it as getting support from the network to figure out what the problem is.

Solution might have been too optimistic. I switched and am still getting syncing issues.