G1 element is invalid

Hey guys I’m trying to figure out this problem I have. I’m running a full node on windows on my main farmer which i have used the latest madmax to create plots for pooling. I followed multiple instructions and everything seemed to work just fine plots were made without problems. So then I have a second full node running on another machine (also windows 10) and I’m trying to get the plots i made off my main machine to work on my second machine to farm to the pool but when I do a plot check every plot shows this error:

ERROR Failed to open file (plot name). G1 element is invalid Traceback (most recent call last):
File “chia\plotting\plot_tools.py”, line 208, in process file
File “chia\plotting\plot_tools.py”, line 78, in parse_plot_info
ValueError: G1 element is invalid

If anyone can help me understand this so I can get my farm going in this pool I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

(Note): I am not experienced in any programing or computer languages but I am learning as I go.