Gaming rig + chia farm = personal justification

11900k 32gb ram. 2nvme 500gb 980 pro in a raid 0.

What plot creating tool should I use? Just chias?

What can I expect in terms of plot creation speed?

Can I still game with chia running in background,

there should be benchmarks for this kinda stuff….


To replace my noisy servers.

I hear ya. I see all the server builds on youtube, and you can’t argue with the application (servers are great for plotting!), but it sounds like a chorus of angry drones. The fans are too noisy to sit in the same room with. I like your setup - should be plenty for hammering out plots.

Looks like these guys were getting about 3.5 to 4 hours per plot back in the early days of chia. So it’s a good minimum to shoot for.

I game old GOG/Steam stuff with mine plotting, the bottleneck on my old box is I/O related so I’ve usually got enough ram and a couple CPU cores free (and GPU untouched of course). Just leave some resources free and you can absolutely use the machine for other things.

Madmax, id guess apx 40 min plots for k32.
Youve not mentioned ram spec.


Yeah Madmax would be perfect for your setup. 30-40 min plot times.

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Chia has Madmax build into it, If you want to use a GUI on windows, I would recommend using the Stotiks windows build instead (better UX than Chia) Release madMAx43v3r/chia-plotter build for windows v0.1.5 · stotiks/chia-plotter · GitHub

My 3800XT does 45 minutes with MM, think yours should be faster, 30-40 minutes?

If you play old ass games like me, sure :sweat_smile:
If you use the original Chia plotter you can have a few running in the background, with madmax plotter cpu load is like 95% So I don’t think the game will run any good.

I very much agree with the title of the topic, I did exactly the same. Don’t really need a good Chia plotter anymore, don’t really need a fancy gaming system but put the two together and it was perfect justification to finally do a custom-loop build.


True, most servers make too much noise. But then I found a sweet second hand build from a guy who had put a dual xeon system in a 4u case with 120mm fans and tower coolers.


32gb ram. Is plotting in parallel still a thing? It’s just 10 core 20 thread but 5ghz all core. Was hoping for faster than 40 min.

Perfect thanks for the advice

That’s too legit. Thanks for the advice.

I’d loooove to convert my fans. I’m not sure it possible tho. They are Dells and extreamly fussy. Or solder in a capacitor or whatever. Can’t find good tutorial to try it out.

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yeah that’s a tall order, mine was a standard EATX board so that gives much more options to choose a case and replace the coolers.


Some plot in parallel with mm, but i think thats with cpu with many more cores, with stotiks mm and my 11900k i was getting 42 min per k32 iirc.

I think its slightly faster with linux from what ive read.

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