Gauging interest - 510TB Complete Farm w/ Farming Server - U.S.- SE PA area

Hi everyone!

I am selling my entire farm and wanted to gauge interest here first before splitting the Hardware up. I would definitely prefer selling it all together to another Chia enthusiast and not have to split it up. I have not decided on an exact price yet (I do have an idea though), but it will be reasonable (any pricing ideas would be appreciated). I am obviously not looking to get what I spent and I know I will take a hit. I will provide full details if there is interest, but for now it will be basic information. Local pickup only, I’m located in South East Pennsylvania.

-508TB (463TiB) consisting of 126 Hard Drives (14 External Drives, the rest are either 3TB or 4TB internal 3.5"). I have a few spare drives I will throw in.
-2x NetApp DS4246
-1x NetApp DS4486
-1x SuperMicro 16 Bay LFF Server X9DRi-F 2x E5-2650 V2 16 Core 64GB - Running Ubuntu
-Server Rack as pictured
-All the cables, cards, hubs, power supplies/adapters, surge protectors, rack, included. Basically everything pictured and needed to get up and running right away (QSFP cables, etc.) - everything!
-Will include full details to any interested parties

I was able to get 4,650 plots on all the drives, but it is possible to get a little more on them with either a different file system or making the reserved free space less. This setup runs excellently and is consistently willing to the projected time. It is still up and running, and will be until it is sold.

I am getting out of Chia farming so I will include the plot files and key for the files. It is up to the buyer if they want to replot or use existing plots, but the price will be for Hardware only and the plots will just be a bonus if you want to use them (I can also sign an agreement for them, etc. if it makes you more comfortable that way).

Please let me know if you are interested, have any questions, and also if anyone has an idea on how to fairly price everything combined so I know if what I have in mind pricing wise is in line.


How long have you been farming? Solo or pool? I ask as you only have 1.75 XCH and with your rig, you should be earning much more.At least 28 coins per year in a pool.

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I’ve been mostly solo farming shortly after they released the pool protocol, but I’ve been adding to the farm as I’ve went. I’ve only had this many plots for about 2 months now. My farm has won 7 times so far.

Really beautiful setup. Why not keep it? Are you moving to another crypto?

If it were me with this, I would stay in and let it farm away in a pool. 28 coins a year min to you. With all the exciting things going on within Chia, XCH will rise and IMHO be a top three in 3-5 years. I would hate to be the BTC shoulda woulda coulda person. You need to do what you need to do, but personally, for what you would get for the HW, it is not worth selling as your upside is very large IMHO. I wish I had your rig! :slight_smile:

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Gosh I am genuinely interested, but I am already over extended with my existing farm. And I beleive I am in the TriState area… ?? More southern though… Cali.

Sorry, I should have been more specific on the area. I’m located in South East PA, not far from Philly/ South Jersey.

I am interested. Hit me with a dm. I use to live in NJ. Now in charlotte. Interested in your rig very much. Let’s talk bottom price to see if we can work the deal out.

I used to live in Burlington County N.J. 40 minutes away from Philly.

Since you already have the setup, wouldn’t it make sense to just run it with a small electric bill and just make your money back over time

It’s going to take 5 years to recoup his initial investment, unless most of the parts were basically free, which is possible. I run my farm on a pile of random external/internal drives I needed to upgrade anyway due to my work, and I use my backup M1 Air to do the farming so the electricity is negligible. There is an effective cost, but the resale value is so low, that I am recovering my effective ‘cost basis’ probably by mid year if xch manages to stay above water. 60TB farming half on pool and half solo.

I’m tripping out on watching the netspace shrink daily. That’s just crazy to watch. I figured we would stabilize around 30+EB, but winter is here, and tender feet are running from the cold.

If I don’t sell it all together, I haven’t made my mind up yet if I will split it up. I love chia, the hardware involved, and do believe it will be much bigger in the long run. I just have some expenses coming up in the Spring where if I was able to sell my set-up it would definitely make it a little easier. Plus my wife hates the noise and complains about it more than I would like. So ultimately I don’t need to sell it, but if I did it would help.

Do you have a basement up there in PA?

Yep, thats where everything is at right now.

Can’t you claim that as part of your man cave? :kissing_closed_eyes: :kissing_closed_eyes:

I would be interested but sadly, that is a lot of small capacity drives to spin. What is the power consumption of that setup? I can hedge an educated guess, which I’ll get to in a moment.

I live in NY and electricity is very costly here in the Northeast. My research indicates that 3.5" 5400RPM hard drives use in the range of 8 watts when idle. You have 126 of them, so around 1008W of projected consumption for just the drives; add in the server and disk chassis that’s probably closer to 1200 watts. For easy math lets assume the entire outfit draws 1200 watts, or 28.8kWh per day…

My last electric bill I looked at the fall was in the range of $0.18/kW… That equates to $4.90/day (24 x $0.17) or about $147/mo… According to one of the, you can make $308 per day in Chia with that setup, of course that assumes the prices doesn’t fall further. So you still have about a 50% margin before factoring in the cost of the hardware.

Personally, I would keep it.

A buyer can reasonably expect a 3 year service life out of the system, but not much more, thus the hardware ROI should not be any longer. Assuming Chia remains in the $80 range for the next few years (and doesn’t fall more), a buyer could expect to make $150 a month, or about $5400 after the cost of electricity, but before including the cost of the hardware.

I’m not sure how much you are hoping to get out of the system, but it’s probably best to keep it and try to squeeze a profit out of it. Anyone looking to buy this to mine chia probably isn’t going to offer enough to recoup your hardware losses.

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We’ve already got diution of fiat, personally i dont see it slowing anytime soon :wink:

Ahhhhhhh, we just found the real reason…Happy wife, happy life…I feel you brother… :slight_smile:


I notice you don’t utilize the redundant power supplies. I only bring it up because if you use all the power supply slots it will make less noise.

4 fans work less than two cooling your decks. I use all of my power supplies (I have a two full decks) and they run real quite.


I’m in SE pa as well. If you end up breaking it up. I would be interested in the externals if they are big >8 tb Hope you find a buyer!