Get Chia plots plotted in Europe, available as download or on disk

As mentioned in my previous topic, we have a good amount of Chia plotting hardware available with high internet speeds or I can store it on an external drive and ship it to your (Europe only).

We do not require your key or access to your wallet. We only need your public keys. See

The cost:
VAT: if you are from Europe and not a non-Dutch company, 21% VAT applies.

The gold plot: € 2,00 per plot (€ 2,42 inc VAT)
The slow plot: € 1,- per plot (€1,21 inc VAT)

What is the difference? With gold you get a minimum of 4 slots and we can upload it to your FTP or you download it from our servers.
With the slow plot you will get 1 slot and you have to download the files yourself.

You can order here:

The cost of a drive depends on the size and market price/availability. Depending on the availability, I can get my hands on external 16 TB drives for about € 300,- (€ 363,- incl VAT). You can also ship your own drives. Contact us for more information at

Delivery time: we can handle at least 10 TB per day and are upgrading the plotting network.

Payment options:


  • There is no maximum plots.
  • There is no money-back.

About us
We are a Dutch established registered company ( and have over 11 years of experience.

Questions? Shoot!


As soon as ordered, I will let you know.

Thanks @vitor@ The plots have started. You will get a message once they are available.

Just as a FYI to the readers, before you buy anything, make sure to check the reputation of the plotting service and never ever give your 24 word mnemonic / private key to anyone if asked . :+1:


Thanks for adding this @cultiv! Rest assured, we never ask for Mnemonic/private keys. I don’t even want to have these. We only need your public keys.

Check out the reviews of other customers here (non-Chia): Review - web hosting reviews by real users


Update: the estimated delivery of a 16 TB drive is 2 - 3 weeks. We can fill up multiple drives at the same time. Filling a drive takes +/- 3 - 4 days. Check our website for more info and ordering:

Depending on when you order, up to 500 X 16 TB drives are available.

Update 2: I have 10 X 16 TB drives available. Including plots, they are € 730,- per piece excl shipping (140 plots).

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Is this €730 inclusive of VAT? and any discount for say 4 drives?

looks like the slow plot package is not on the homepage, im thinking on order some when i get my new drives to speed it up alitle, it was a good price for the gold to but :slight_smile:

Sorry, the new links are:
Gold (fast):

Not sure if they are available now. The prices are already low, so I cannot provide discount on 4 drives.

€730,- is excl VAT, but does not apply when you have a VAT number or are from outside the EU.

Great, thanks, i think i Will order when i get my new 72tb jbod online, its takes to Long to plot it all myself

Happy to help out! What is your internet throughput? I can offer multiple Gbits of throughput.

You can also ship the drives for the JBOD to us. Since it is JBOD, we can just plugin the drives directly to our servers in the datacenter.

FTR, I tried this service and it’s excellent :raised_hands:

I am just amazed at how easy and efficient this service is. When you place your order, you give them some FTP credentials, and then you just watch plots automagically appear in your folder :tada:

They are very responsive if you have any question or issue (or if you mess up your FTP setup :man_shrugging:) and are by far the fastest plotting service I’ve tried :racing_car:

Rating: :star::star::star::star::star:

Excellent work @mrkoopie

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I have 100mb/s fiber connection

The plots were delivered to me all in order and from very fast servers. With a GB of connection I downloaded all 15 plots in 3 hours, with 6 parallel downloads. Excellent service (and I didn’t buy gold)


Thank you for your review, VitoR!

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Hi, how fast can you deliver 132 plots using the gold service?

Also can you deliver the plots for ext4?

I have ordered 300 plots with gold yesterday so I can say when I get them how long it tock for 300.

I haven’t gotten any estimate on how long but I guess it should take at least a couple of days as it is pretty many.

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