Get your CHIA plots in 1 Hour, free try at

We support new portable pool plots(CHIA 1.2.0), No extra charge: no storage charge, no traffic charge

There are 500+ HPC with 100GigE outbound network in Europe and North America.

Max plotting speed: 200 plots per hour, 500TB per day.

Some new users plotting stat pictures:

Some new users plotting stat pictures:

try it free, get your plots in 1 hour. :slightly_smiling_face:

Order more than 1000plots, we accept XCH coin

Not so much described in the web process, you will need to download and run one aplication called “Plot Downloader”. This is a must or you can’t download your order. I’'ve lost 0,01 USD for nothing. Thank you!

reply your user ID, I’ll return your 0.01, as All the plots are auto plotting on many servers, we don’t send you a list of links to download them every day, the application will auto download all links save to all available disks and It can run on many PCs at the same time, else you can’t download 100TB per day manually

Anyway, thank you for trying. Please tell me your user ID. thank you

I almost did not complete the order as well. Felt like 50/50 if I was about to have my drives encrypted or infected.

I really suggest dropping the auto refresh, with alert. its in the way, and reminds me of nefarious sites. Domain being 30ish days old. What made me take the risk was that the site is at least shown as being a dedicated server.

Ordered 20 more

Speed in europe is 45MB/s (fiber connection) for me, I am only downloading to one HDD drive though

thanks for your suggestion, does the speed reach your bandwidth or not? too slow? @Spill

According to user download statistics:
In Europe and the United States can basically reach the full speed,

When the bandwidth of the machine is less than 1GBit/s, at least 90% of the maximum bandwidth can be obtained.
The speed of multiple machines downloading at the same time (dedicated bandwidth) does not affect each other, because they download from different servers.

For the machine above 1GBit/s, the hard disk writing speed is the biggest limit.

@Spill Your 20+ plots have been downloaded and it took about 13 hours.

I think 45MB/s is already close to your network bandwidth limit, because your download speed is very stable, and it does not appear to exceed 45M/s even once (you can temporarily upgrade your network to obtain higher speeds, and some operators can temporarily upgrade the bandwidth)

Thanks for the insights. Very happy with having them done when I woke up. As a hobbyist with only a gaming computer (ssd) i would be lucky to have 2 plots in that time.

If I decide to get more disks, I know where to go to :slight_smile:

By max network speed, you mean from my router to my computer? Or the actual speed my ISP is providing?

I think is your ISP limits

That’s why we use an App to download, otherwise when you wake up, you should start to check if there is a link to start downloading or send the link to you while you are still sleeping, you can’t do anything about it.
we not only plotting fast, downloading fast at the same time.

Ok. This man is serius and has returned to me 0.01. Thanks!

[Provide 5,000plots(500TB) for free for our fast plotting service promotion](Provide 5,000plots(500TB) for free for our fast plotting service promotion)

There’s a lot left. Come on

Is your sevice possible for plotting k33, k34 or k35?

that will much expensive not a 2x, only for large order 10,000+ only can place the order by staff manually . k32 will work for years