Getting 165 K32 plots on Ext4

Using Ubuntu Desktop,

Formatting 18 TB hard drive to Ext4 and after removing 5% overhead with (sudo tune2fs -m 0)

I can only get 17.9 GB useable and fit only 164 k32 plots.

With NTFS I can get the full 18TB useable and fit 165 k32 plots.

What I’m I missing with the Ext4 format?


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it’s possible that NTFS doesn’t have this reserved space, which is why you’re able to use more of the 18 TB hard drive with that file system. Additionally, there could be other factors that are affecting the usable space, such as disk alignment or cluster size.

Further more, Plots are not equal. Some are a couple of GB larger than others. So it might relate te that.

After all, it is a 0.6% difference. You can use ntfs as well


for plot only drives:

  • drop reseved space: -m 0
  • drop journal: -O ^has_journal
  • cut extented file info (inode size): -i 128
  • cut inodes: -N 10000

with this u can easy fit 165 K32 Plots on a 18TB drive


Remove reserved space for existing disk:
sudo tunefs /dev/sdx1 -m0

when formatting disk:

sudo mkfs.ext4 -m 0 -T largefile4 -L /dev/sdX

that’s all you need…

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use XFS, the only mature multi-threaded file system on Earth. You won’t lose any space, I abandoned ext4 after trying to resize system where it takes days to resize free space :smiley:

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[quote=“hajes29a, post:5, topic:18408, full:true”… I abandoned ext4 after trying to resize system where it takes days to resize free space :smiley:

I’ve made that mistake before, lol. I understand what it’s doing (moving files so you don’t lose data), but I’m a busy guy, I have things to do!

if one uses single HDD…file system doesn’t matter too much if you formate it right, and disable OS stuff like over-provisiong. ext4 largefile vs xfs…there is few bytes difference.

Once, you need to manage size/disks…ext4 is a hell. Resize down…it moves empty space for hours…resize up…it has got some postponned file system integrity check…hdd slows down until it is done (>2h for 80TB array for example)

I have even contacted developer of ext4…design flaw/incorrect use

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