Getting the vdf_client to run

As a rule of thumb the, & never works, because of python config problems
so I compile the vdf_client by hand on linux, but now it says
./vdf_client N 8446
Exception: resolve: Service not found

[ I will say the following so that commenters don’t come say “U don’t need to run the time-lord”, I know that, but in this APP I must run the time-lord ]

I know all about running the time-lord from long ago on chia, but now I’m working on creating genesis blocks on alts, and the doc’s say u must have 3 vdf_clients running all at same time
In the past when I ran time-lord on a full-node with real chia block chain, it brought my entire LAN network to a halt, so I know not to run the ‘time-lord’, but in this case, I want to run it, and I don’t have a block-chain, because I want to make a block-chain from scratch. The time-lord is extreme computational bound, even on a 32 core system, all cores were at 100%.