Getting USD for Chia

Now that I have started to acquire Chia can somebody tell me how exhange it for USD. Is there an exchange or wallet I can move my Chia wallet to to sell for USD. Can you give some detail on how I can do this?

my friend bough Bitcoin on ebay. why not sell Chia on the ebay as well?


There’s loads of exchanges, Kucoin, XT, Lbank, and loads of others as well. KuCoin is the better option out of those.

You can even use the GUI to buy and sell Buy XCH - Chia Network

I believe still accepts XCH: then they have several ways to pull out the cash (or put on their Visa Debit card).

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My question is how do I sell or get USD for Chia I have acquired on the Chia Network?

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I’m a complete noob at this, and even I can work it out.

  1. Open account at an exchange, lets say Kucoin (no good for the US)
  2. Go to your Kucoin wallet, and find XCH, and create a transfer address for XCH
  3. Send your XCH to your XCH address at Kucoin
  4. Sell it in the USDT/XCH market (you may need to trasfer from your wallet to spot trading wallet)
  5. Withdraw your USDT to a bank account.

That’s the basics above, you’ll have to work out the rest depending on your location.

In my case in step 5 I’d transfer to Coinbase and withdraw from there.


Kucoin technically doesn’t allow US customers, so if you’re in the USA, be warned.

So I still don’t have a good answer as to how I get USD for my farmed Chia living in the US.

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You do have an answer…
Lots of exchanges arent open to US residents, but if your only selling small amounts you dont need to verify the account.
So you can do as advised above, move xch to an exchange , sell xch for btc or usdt or whatever , move that usdt or btc or whatever to an exchange that will allow you to trade your new coin to $, withdraw $ to your bank account.

Or search for an exchange that allows us residents and trades xch.
This link doesnt show all trading pairs, but theres plenty of choices to look into.

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They don’t but they also never require anyone to KYC provided you dont do anything crazy and draw attention to yourself they wont bother you the only limitation is you only get 5X margin to trade with you cant get 10X Margin leverage or 100X futures leverage like a KYC verified user can. Their deposit method is down for chia right now for maintenance but besides that they are the way to go i think its instant transfer and unlimited choices for getting it out or using it to trade or earn.

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Cuz you will loose 20% to ebay when you could just deposit it to kucoin and sell it and then buy any coin you want that you can easily liquidate and turn to cash or whatever you need within literally minutes. Its instant transfer I could get the xch from my wallet to kucoin and have it converted to bitcoin and transferred to my cashapp and have cash in my hand for the xch within 5 minutes for only a few percent in fees said and done. Its more economical to transfer to coinbase as ltc or bch which are almost free to transfer but then you are limited and either have to pay a percentage to instant transfer to your connected debit card or use the funds on the coinbase debit card which is really limited they have a lot of restrictions on it. Either way kucoin is the way to go to quickly convert it and pay pennies in fees to do so.

Also its against ebay policies and they would def shut your seller account down for that if you dont word it just right to avoid detection and get the listing flagged- “The following are not allowed : Virtual currency including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. Virtual currency mining contracts.”