Getting USD for Chia

Now that I have started to acquire Chia can somebody tell me how exhange it for USD. Is there an exchange or wallet I can move my Chia wallet to to sell for USD. Can you give some detail on how I can do this?

my friend bough Bitcoin on ebay. why not sell Chia on the ebay as well?

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There’s loads of exchanges, Kucoin, XT, Lbank, and loads of others as well. KuCoin is the better option out of those.

You can even use the GUI to buy and sell Buy XCH - Chia Network

I believe still accepts XCH: then they have several ways to pull out the cash (or put on their Visa Debit card).

My question is how do I sell or get USD for Chia I have acquired on the Chia Network?

I’m a complete noob at this, and even I can work it out.

  1. Open account at an exchange, lets say Kucoin (no good for the US)
  2. Go to your Kucoin wallet, and find XCH, and create a transfer address for XCH
  3. Send your XCH to your XCH address at Kucoin
  4. Sell it in the USDT/XCH market (you may need to trasfer from your wallet to spot trading wallet)
  5. Withdraw your USDT to a bank account.

That’s the basics above, you’ll have to work out the rest depending on your location.

In my case in step 5 I’d transfer to Coinbase and withdraw from there.


Kucoin technically doesn’t allow US customers, so if you’re in the USA, be warned.