Gigahorse GPU Plotter, GPU Farmer, Plot Sink: Boost Your Chia Farm by 47.2%! Plot in <2 Minutes

Compute and Architecture is important. Turing and later is quite a bit faster due to their improved architecture. 2080 ti is similar to 3070 ti maybe yes.

Obviously open source is the way to go, trust me I hate having to compile binaries. If I had enough money to live off, I would open source it for sure. In addition friends of mine spent over 200k on testing hardware and such, they would like to see a return on their investment also. With high risk investments like this, anything less than a 10x return is a failure really.

I can’t tell you how much time and energy I have spent in my life developing software without seeing a penny for it. I always had to go back and get a regular job to survive again, I really dont like doing that.


Excellent points. The people who saw the sponsorship when they started MadMax Plotter every time who used an open sourced plotter decided they would go to a different pool than who sponsored Max. They did not even have to use FlexFarmer, they could have still shown support for FlexPool and their sponsorship for Max. Instead they all went to a centralized pool with 10X more netspace.

Make no mistake Plot2.0 and Gigahorse will kill OG plots and non-OP pools (Hpool). Once this happens we will then have a pool centralization problem made up of the people who claimed they went there to prevent centralization. The same people who are now complaining about a miner fee.

Next time support the devs in the space, pay attention to the pools who are supporting them also. When is the last time SP supported any dev work in this space??? Lastly listen to the OG crypto people in this space (people who have been here more than 5 years) and what they are doing and who they are also supporting (I personally donated to Max before the Flexpool deal because of the amazing work he did with his plotter). They have made it this far in crypto for a reason. Or you can listen to the guys who left already after a year when they failed to get rich quick.


Thanks for all your contributions Max! I really wish the Chia team would show you the value of your contributions. With that said, I completely understand that you should be compensated for your work and the work of your friends.

Is the delay in release now not due to the compression technology but, the development of the smart contract for the DevFee? Also, from what it sounds like, the fee structure would be roughly 6.25% or, every other farmer reward correct?

Also, from what I understand, to collect a DevFee. The plots will need to utilize a farmer seed that you control and the farmer reward sent to you. Your smart contract would then need to identify the farmer that reward came from and either send the reward back or, retain it and send the back the next one. Is this roughly what will happen? If so, why not consider reducing the DevFee to 3.125% or every fourth farmer reward which, would bring your farmer much more inline with other third party PoW miners. These rewards are collected in perpetuity which, could be HIGHLY profitable given a 5-10 year timeframe. Why turn people away with an objectively high DevFee when you could stand to make more by getting more farmers to use your software by reducing it.

Also, if your farmer seed has to receive the reward, why keep the reward in whole increments? Why not apply the DevFee to each farmer reward and send back the remainder? This could also allow you to reduce the fee to 2% which is near a standard in PoW miners.

You absolutely deserve to be fairly compensated but, I just think perpetuity needs to be remembered. I can only imagine the life the Dev of Claymore Miner is living now with 5 or 6 years of thousands of miners using his miner with a 1% DevFee!

Yes you are right, I just had a talk with my partners and we decided to reduce the fee to 3.125% for GPU farmer and 1.56% for CPU farmer.
The fee will not go entirely to me personally, as there was significant investment from other people to make this happen.

Not sure what you mean by farmer seed. The plots will be regular OG or NFT plots, with both keys and the NFT in your control. The plot private key will not be visible to you however.

There is no need for any smart contracts. Every 4th 0.25 XCH is 3.125% and every 8th is 1.56%.

I would like to open source this in like 3 years if possible. So I don’t think of the dev fee as existing for that long. It all depends on actual income later.


If I understand correctly, it seems that they did:

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To be fair, those 5 figures was 10k USD. I did appreciate it for sure though. Back then I still had a full time job, so it was a nice bonus.


He was rewarded for all this hard work for Chia, now its a new ball game


I am a massive fan of CNI and the team behind it but 10k seems a very low price for the MadMax plotter code.

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I’m confused. Poor investor video said this is NOT related to Chia. It’s front and center on a Chia forum. Am I the only one confused?

I think that’s great to hear Max. You’ve added a tremendous amount of value to the Chia community and I’m happy to support you for your hard work!

With that said, if in 5 years say, you decide that you’ll pull the DevFee, would that require a replot or, is that just a switch you flip on your end? Or will that be a setting unlocked for the farmer aka, donate every other reward, every third, fourth, etc? That way people could still contribute if they so choose (after you pull the dev fee)?

Also, to plot k33, would that require 256GB of ram?

My main farmer runs off a server that I would probably have some amount of difficulty getting a GPU any larger than what I already have in there (half-height 1050ti). Will it be possible to run the GPU farmer with a much more powerful GPU from another computer on the network? If so, do you have an idea of what the performance penalty might be?

Lastly, what’s the earliest we could expect this? I’ve got a little over 2 PiB of OG plots I would love to start transitioning to compressed plots but, I don’t want to make any changes to my setup until I have a better idea what will be required.

Thank you again for your hard work!


i think these are really reasonable fees and if selfpooling is possible or more pools support your plots to avoid the lookin problem i see good chances that this will pay off in the end.

if the chia 2.0 plott format also requires a replott and no conversion of existing plotts is possible you will have a new customer with 1.5PiB :wink:

however this will continue in the near future i wish you much success with your project!

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For the open source direction, ideally the support for my plots will be added to chiapos, so you can farm using the official node from Chia. There is no need to re-plot.

384 GB for full RAM mode, 256 GB for partial mode

Yes later, without any penalty.

Couple of weeks

Not yet.


When can we download and start running it? Will there be a Beta? Can’t wait to try tit out :grinning:

Compressed plots, gpus etc are all good developments for Chia in my mind as it strengthens the network and also signals to those outside the community that meaningful advancements are still happening. Can’t think of a better outcome than Max and Chia (the company) working on this rather than and adversary / attacker.

Also tb, personally I don’t really care what the fee is. Max has given so much to the community and know his heart is in the right place. 100% happy to support that.


(from your reply to me) …the plot thickens! Bravo Mad Max. This takes burning rubber to a whole new level. This stuff is so complex and revolutionary (as it pertains to PoST) it baffles my mind. I know. Maybe that’s not saying much. I hope you can line your pockets from this. It’s not in line with my budgetary focus for farming Chia but as an observer it’s fascinating to see where this goes from here.

There’s a CPU plotter also, and at some point farming on Intel iGPU and AMD APUs will be supported as well.


So is Chia also going to be releasing some sort of compressed plot in Chia 2.0 as well?

Lots of things coming out. It sure is interesting!

Hi Max,

Can you give any details on how much vram is optimal for gpu plotting vs farming? Would 8gb 2080s be better or worse than say a 12gb 3060?

I currently have a 3070TI 8gb that I’m thinking of using for plotting but want to purchase another gpu for my farmer. Trying to decide between a 2080 or a 3060 12GB. I have about 1.5PB and I’d like to run C7 or C8

Thanks again for all your hard work and contribution to the Chia eco system. More than happy to support you by paying a dev fee!

Hello, I’m glad you have promoted the development of chia. In China, many farms are 32-bit 24-bit harvesters. In fact, the capacity of a machine=512TB or 384TB. If C8 compression is performed, what type of GPU or CPU is required

I guess Chia will be releasing some information concerning all these new exciting developments later this week with a Q&A Livestream next week, will help bring some clarification to all this and how it will affect Chia,

Link goes to a reddit thread where Sargonas (A Chia employee) states this.