Gigahorse plot, Raid 0, File Input/Output Error ! Ubuntu23

Hi guys

I am back here to try to fix my files:

I have a problem with some Raid 0 drives, the files are showing an Input/Output Error, and I cannot delete it and all past have shown an error to load.

Is not a problem with creating a plot is after that, could you a bad controller? but I have 3 different controllers and all show the same problem.

How I can delete these files to the unit back to work?

I have tried the commands

rm -f

How did you create the raid volume?

Yes, I did.
Partition formated in NTFS.

The question is: how?
There are a lot of ways to make a raid volume in linux, and maybe you missed a step that is causing the error.

Just need more details on what your setup is, and what exactly you are trying to do with thoise raid volumes

I created the Raid at Dell precision rack 7910, directly at the setup of Dell in at the controller.