Good setup for plotting/farming

Hey im new on chia farming
Just asking im doing right
Currently im testing Plotting and have few farms on same PC
Later i build another pc for farming.
So this is my setup:

Win 10
i9 - 10900K - 10 core 20 Threath
32GB HyperX fury ddr4 3200Mhz
A: Drive. 4TB M.2 NVMe
B: Drive. 10TB WD HDD

Now im running 9 plots, 3,4GB RAM , 2 Thread´s each, Delay 30min
A Drive is temp destination and B drive is Final destination.

How much performance i should reserve for farming?
What is estimated time for plot?
im doing it right or how?
i apppreciate any advice or tips

It depends on what operating system you are using, but I believe 2GB free for Windows is ideal.

Currently, your settings are leaving only 1.4GB free.

Time to do 9 plots with that system?

Probably around 10-14 hours.

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Yes im using Win 10.
I can extend ram to 64GB
And get another NVMe
But i guess my Prosessor will be next bottleneck?

You can always try a single thread and compare the results against two threads.

More plots in parallel generally produces faster plots.

Some good info for all these question are linked right from this category’s description you know… :wink:

We recommend reading it, trying it, and then asking additional questions you might have!

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