Goodbit, failbit, badbit, eofbit: 0402

I was routinely seeing this error in my logs:

Failed to open file <Plot File> badbit or failbit after reading size 4 at position 107558029805 Traceback (most recent call last):

Which was coupled with the GUI thread kicking out a message:

goodbit, failbit, badbit, eofbit: 0402

After doing some extensive digging using “chia plots check” I determined that I was getting this error because I was moving files around on my harvester. When you start moving a file using something like Krusader, it creates a .plot file in the destination directory. The harvester process tries to read this file at a particular offset, but since the file is not fully copied, it gives an error trying to read from an invalid file location.

This is also coupled with another WARNING that will show up:

“Looking up qualities on took: 29.86687707901001. This should be below 5 seconds to minimize risk of losing rewards.”

Which occurs similarly since that .plot file is not fully valid and it cannot be properly assessed.

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Yes, that is correct. Also, that message, according to some other articles I have seen, is a debug command they forgot to turn off in the code when 1.1.6 was pushed out. Something they use to confirm and troubleshoot their new update. We aren’t even supposed to be seeing it.

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