google drive alternative?

hello, google drive is now suspending my accounts, is there any alternative company?

Cloud storage payment costs more than Chia profit.

There is no where to economically put your plots and if there was, there is no good way to get them there in a reasonable period of time…

Try Amazon, Facebook, Apple or Microsoft, maybe IBM

@uixman we at already host petabytes of plots for other customers.
Feel free to reach out to me or through the website. I’ll be happy to help you set it all up in the same way as Google Drive works.

The pricing is 4TB for $100/year. With higher volumes we do provide volume discounts.
We will also help you with migration from Google Drive to our storage.

I have no clue how you guys do it with cloud servers , as much I check left and right the reliable services cost a lot, I’m sorry but I can’t even imagine that a plotting site can make this even profitable at current prices of plots some ask…

Stumbled on this one today with a $100 Free credit

And yet looking at the price tables from the site (screenshots below) I simply can’t figure out how you can even make profit.

High Frequency Compute (NVMe)

Compute (SSD)

Screenshot - 2021-09-27T162959.357

~$2/tb/month is lower than others, yet still too high to turn any profit mining chia. How do you plan on keeping your customers? Why should someone host their plot with you instead of buying its own drives? What is the advantage of what you are proposing?

There are 2 main options you have to host the plots:

  1. You can self-host at home
  2. You can rent the hard drives

In the long run, renting is usually more expensive than self-hosting. With self-hosting you need to purchase hard drives, servers, download or create the plots, have the disks/servers running 24/7 with a reliable internet connection, manage all configuration yourself, etc.

In case you’re not the type of person to do it all yourself, renting is a much more convenient option. I agree it’s not for everyone but there are people who prefer this over having a bunch of disks connected via sata cables in a 3d printed case at home :wink:

We run our own hardware for plotting. The upfront cost is higher but the monthly cost is substantially lower than the providers you mentioned.
This helps us cover the costs of replacing nvme drives when they are no longer reliable.