Google driver error

hello everyone I’m using google driver, at the moment 2 accounts with 10 tb each but for a few days it starts giving me an error “error download maximum limit reached, wait 24 hours”

my question: is there a script or way to get around this error? I found something but only for the browser, I need it for google desktop driver. thanks a lot

I doubt that Drive for Desktop has been designed to allow fast random seeking of relatively small parts of data within a large file (this is what Chia needs to do).

You’d be better off using their lower level APIs to read just the parts of the file(s) you need, and you might be better off integrating this into the chiapos core rather than going through a filesystem abstraction:

You might still run into limits, though. I do know roughly what you’d need to do to at least determine if this is feasible - but if I could be bothered to do it I wouldn’t share it with anyone - because the moment something like this is shared widely or made usable for people who wouldn’t know how otherwise will be the moment Google starts cracking down on it (either by suspending accounts of people that they feel are abusing their service, or raising their prices for everyone to make it non-viable).

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and feasible I use it for 1 month and everything works properly, the only problem is that the searches are many and sees them as downloads (rightly) but from the amount of searched files it quickly reaches the daily limit. I don’t think google increases prices since I pay for a service and which they give to everyone who has a VAT number. I’ve seen around that a lot of people use it and I’m looking for a way to keep downloads from being blocked. I am in contact with google and I hope even paying the enterprice package (unlimited) I can solve it.

Provisioning of consumer-targeted cloud storage is similar in some ways to fractional reserve banking - the cloud provider expects only a small proportion of customers to use it to the fullest extent, and if too many customers try to exploit what appear to be billing loopholes, then the provider will find ways to limit what you are doing until/unless you pay them more, regardless of what the terms of use are today.

It isn’t working if you are getting 24 hr downtime. If this limit is new then it’s just another way they can keep the service targeted towards it’s intended use. This service is targeted and advertised as being for document storage and occasional retrieval, you are trying to use it more like (much more expensive) cloud block storage, if you can get it to work you should be quiet about it and enjoy it while it lasts.

If there is a per account bandwidth limit, then paying the enterprise cost won’t help, if it’s a per TB bandwidth limit then it might. Either way, you will be made to pay more eventually to get the kind of service you want.

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