Got my 1st 2XCH ! but now chia client cannot be sync.. any advise?

have you updated to the latest version?

What version do you use?

ya using 1.1.5

its still not working… restart router already… port is open

ya using 1.1.5

its still not working… dont know why… still wondering

Follow, and felling with you really hope one can help you my first thinking is copy your .chia folder to a secound computer and try to full-sync there, and DO NOT DELETE enything on your farming computer

Maybe you need white IP? You can work without it, but it usually much slower. I have sync like in less than minute after update.

What is you status, are you get up and running with sync again? very intressing to know the resualt :slight_smile:

Hi everyone… its synccc back already… restart router restart pc… then can already… thanks all