GPU Plotting and Mining Chia

Please forgive me all if this is a dumb question but I am wondering if GPU Plotting/ mining is possible with Chia. I have a lot of experience mining Burst and BHD and I am intrigued by this new coin. I am playing around with plotting now in anticipation of pool plots being released. I have decided to switch across to Chia after the disasters of the Burst years and very little profit even when dual mining burst and BHD. I have always loved HDD mining as it is a pleasant change from my GPU rigs and I think it is a much smarter more efficient way to run a blockchain. Also trying to figure out system resources? When mining burst a big sudden scan was done and I am wondering how this works with farming for CPU loads etc. Thanks all for any advice.

There is no GPU plotter yet, but there may be in the future.

GPU farming is not a thing, farming is determined by the storage (plots) you hold.
Your combined space / plots determine how often your farmer solves the block-chain puzzle at the network difficulty (set according to total netspace) and gets you the 2 XCH block reward.

Check out
for expected XCH to win / day per TiB of plots.

Because the farmer uses different resources than say an ETH miner (PoW), you can run both at the same time; i.e. farm Chia and mine ETH.

Ok so with burst mining the GPU would run a scan of every single disk and look for a solution. When you are farming Chia what is happening is the CPU looking at random areas of the disk?

I suggest you hop onto and check out FAQ - Chia Network
GPU is not part of the equation for farming.