Green_thumb build

Hi all its Joe pi,

I was lurking around stalking you all and noticed a few things, everyone’s using crazy new builds to plot their farm, doesn’t that go against the notion of renewables because it’s killing my faun.

Anyways as a farmer (as a ex torrent seeder on dying hardware) I noticed everyone shouting over here in the community about seeds, and I like everyone else love seeds but with a dying faun in the house, I needs to ask you all for advice, so can anyone help my dying faun eat some chia seeds.

A few years ago I crammed a x79 motherboard her but sadly the memory is ddr3.

Can someone help poor Joe between running ddr3 tridant ripjaws (kinda scare my faun) and ddr4 between the two, and offer advice if we can cream this into our faun:

5 Slot M.2 B-Key SATA Base SSD PCI-e 3.0 x2 Bandwidth Expansion Card Require x16 Slot SI-PEX40142 help (paired with a Crucial CT1000P1SSD8 P1 1TB M.2 (2280) NVMe PCIe SSD- 3D NAND 2000/1700 MB/s Acronis True Image Cloning)

Bring life back in her to eat seeds.

My wife sara ( raspberry pi the 4th) pi argued about a western digital 10tb (mybook) compared to the 10tb (elements) and I told her I’ll ask around.

Any advice would help in regards to saving our faun.

So to summarize the faun is

A x79 rampage extreme gene 4 ddr3 ripjaw 16gig, 4930k.

(We don’t wanna upgrade her, because as we stil love her but any technical advise will do. )

So, do i need to send my wife in a Uber car each day to visit my faun(x79) in hospital(upgrade), if so does a gigabit(Uber) internet help get her there.

We want a sustainable faun to live and prosper we the pi’s believe in reusable farm tools, so please be kind to us.