Grinding inevitability

Hi, curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on the risk of plot grinding given the pace of advancement of GPU computing power driven by AI demand, I know there are some parameters in the Chia protocol that can limit its impact, but can that keep up with GPU advances? Or will we end up in a proof of work model? Or will we need to replot regularly to keep up (in which case the “green” benefits of chia vs. other crypto’s go out the window?)

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How does plot grind work?
You basically make plot on the fly?
But you would obviously not know what response is required so you’re just taking a chance right?
If that’s the case, you may as well store that plot afterwards as well?

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With plot grinding, all you can do is create a plot that always passes the plot filter.
So one “grinded plot” equals 512 regular plots stored.

The plot filter reduction (hard fork) has just been released into Chia 2.0. In june next year, the filter will go to 256. And then halfs again every 3 years.

It is a purely economic argument.
What costs more? Running a farm with 256 plots, or running a powerfull GPU that can grind a plot?


Chia was made to be resistant to grinding. It will keep being made resistant to grinding, with updates like the plot filter reduction (and others) over the years.

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