GT 730 Audio not working when on x1 riser

So, I took my GT 730 Graphics card off my x16 and connected to it a riser from my x1 to free up the x16 for another NVME.

The graphics card works, but now the audio doesn’t. Would putting the graphics card on the riser for some reason not transmit audio? What could be the problems? It’s not detecting the speakers now for whatever reason. (I have it this computer hooked up to my TV and it’s always played audio from my TV until now)

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Wow, this is really interesting but I’m not sure it’s particularly Chia relevant any more… :wink: This is a basic hardware question. Why do you need audio anyway? You don’t need audio for Chia plotting or farming, that’s for sure…

Sure it does. I have audio alarms set in case my CPU, or plotting drives overheat.

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