Gui farmer keeps adding back lan directory

Wondering if anyone else see behaviour where gui farmer who has usb disks keep adding back directories of lan (nas) happened 3 times now when these are removed in gui and are sending plots to the farmer as harvesters.

When you start the plot, look at Advanced Options under (2) Choose Number of Plots. Check the “Exclude final directory” option and the directory will not be added automatically next time.

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I’m not at my machine, so can’t verify, but I think those paths are stored in the config.yaml. You might want to remove them there.

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I am not plotting in gui using swar plot manager for plotting on the farm computer.

Yes two nas IP’s where still on the config. Removed them now lets see if it works or if there is some bug where it keeps adding back NAS drives that are harvesters to the farm.

Oh! Then use the -x parameter which does the same thing! By default, the plotter will add the final directory to your yaml file. If you don’t use -x it will keep adding it after every plot.

CLI Commands Reference · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub

-x [exclude final dir]: Skips adding [final dir] to harvester for farming.

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