(GUI) Farming - Status "Not Synced" Connection Status "Connected"

(Windows 10) I have 4 plots, and now my GUI is showing Status “Not Synced”, and Connection Stauts “Connected”…

…Before my last plot, I was Synced and Farming, but the status changed to “Not Synced” and I’m no longer Farming.

Do I need to do anything to continue Farming? (is this normal)

Why did the status change?

Thanks for any help.


Check to make sure your port 8444 on your full node is accessible from the internet. If not, syncing is very flakey


No clue what port 8444 is… before I left for dinner it was farming and everything was synced and then when I came back it was not synced.

So maybe I just focus on plotting for now and hope I get synced on its own.

Chia operates on TCP port 8444. So you need to make sure that port is open to the internet so that other network peers can connect to your node.

This will be a good tutorial for us to create here!


I don’t know if opening up 8444 helps, but I find that shutting down the gui, deleting the sqllite databases in .chia/mainnet/db usually helps. I think this has to do with a bug that causes database corruption of some sort. The databases regenerate next time you open the gui.


In Keybase they are recommending you add one of these in Full Node > Connections to try and speed the syncing:

Use these addresses if you are having trouble connecting:
North Asia introducer-apne.chia.net:8444
South Asia introducer-apse.chia.net:8444
Western North America: introducer-or.chia.net:8444
Eastern North America introducer-va.chia.net:8444
Europe: introducer-eu.chia.net:8444

Edit: Also they just released 1.1.2 couple of hours ago for people who cannot sync, see if that might help, if the above isn’t helping.

Release notes here chia-blockchain/CHANGELOG.md at main · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain · GitHub


Do I need to complete current plot before attempting any of this?

I’m unsure about doing anything during a plot because I fear messing up the plot.

Ie. Can I upgrade the version while plotting without messing stuff up ( technical term)

Wait till finish plotting and update to the latest version. Follow the recommendations above if you want. Keep in mind to check after syncing and connected how healthy are your plots. Bram explains that on Twitter in the plotting basics. Good luck :wink:

I wouldn’t say it is “flakey” but I went from 5-10 minutes to sync to more or less instantaneous sync after making sure port 8444 was forwarded to my farmer!


I use this peer: node.chia.net/8444 and it’s always sync after less than 10s.

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That seemed to work well just now, I’ll have to try this a few more times, but it started syncing instantly (I still can’t open up port 8444, so this might be a great alternative). Thanks for sharing!

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Take an hour and learn the basics of the command line and how to use the Chia CLI. It’s way better than the GUI.

Your router has no way to do port forwarding?

I’m farming at the office and the network admin refuses to forward any ports! :sweat_smile:


Hah! Gotcha :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Try looking into port forwarding with a VPN. Maybe that’ll work on your network.

After using this one on a few machines in the last day I can say that this works great for me, always seems to start syncing immediately after adding that peer! :+1:

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Thank you all… it worked. I’m up and farming!

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Hi I was facing the same issue of Not Synced.
As per your post 8444 port i have opened and after sometimes i can see it is synchronizing but after added a new plot again it says “Not Synced”. Pls advice how to fix it.

Port checker says 8444 is open.