GUI stop working in plotting

Hey it’s 2 times my GUI is stopping working after 31-32% with only 6 in parallele

Some people got this bug?

After clean install of windows / Update of bios / profil XMP from ram to 3600MHZ
Installed all drivers from MB.

2x NVME SABRENT rocket / Ryzen 5900x / gigabyte X570 ultra /32gb ram

I started 6 plots in parallele with 4 treath each and 3406mb ram 15minutes delay each

This time the GUI closed and nothing … before it’s stopped working with error…

If somebody is in same case cool to share

So 31% is the end of phase 1. Phase 1 and 2 are pretty resource intensive, so I am not surprised it’s might not be be easy to keep the GUI running. You can check in the logs though if there is still activity.

I would recommend you don’t start with that many parallel plots, just do 2 (1 on each NVMe), set number of and see what total plot time is, they should be pretty close to each other hopefully. I think you have 12 cores on that CPU so if you change both to use 4 threads then it will occupy 4 cores already.

Then try 4 plots in parallel, but make sure not to exhaust your cores, so maybe only 3 threads per plot? If the plot time is about the same then you can start thinking about staggering them probably, same configuration but with a delay that’s equal to the time it takes for phase 2 is complete on the first plots.

Most of all, you need some baselines measurements first, so start slow and slowly ramp it up so you can learn where your bottleneck and upper limit is.