Guidance needed with plotting and pool farming


I am currently farming on Hpool with 1646 plots (that’s 162.99 TB) and earning about 0.1 XCH every 3 days.

The Hpool software is running on 4 different machines but now I would like to join an official pool and not sure how to go about doing this?

Would someone advise on how to maintain my current setup (4 machines) but replace the Hpool software with official CHIA software (of course I will re-plot everything in due course!)

Thanks in advance.

try our service, if your network is good enough, plot all for you in 48 hours.

i think that doesn’t answer to OP question.

imo you shouldn’t advertise your service like that.


Yea… I have 4 machines that can churn out 80+ plots per day between them. If I’m going to spend anymore of my hard earned cash I’d rather spend it on more space not a plotting service!

First you need to choose a pool to join

Then the best to do is replace your current plots, one by one.

And start making new ones with NFT so you can join a official pool.

If you have 4 machines you should refer to this wiki page Farming on many machines · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub


you are right, if you can plotting 80+ per day, most of the farmer server can’t do that even 1/2. write a script to do that one by one


What i do is just replot 1 hdd at a time.
Not optimal but easy enough.
Hpool miner and chia software can run at the same time, just be sure they are not farming from the same directories.

A script to automate stuff is better of course but then you have to find that or make it.

Hmm you should be making about 0.13 xch every 3 days. hpool’s hidden fee i guess?

GitHub - MrPig91/PSChiaPlotter: A repo for powershell module that helps Chia Plotting lets you replot one by one, And supports madmax. It does not support network drives as pointed out by someone in the pool discord im in. Could setup a script to move folders on a cron job/windows scheduler.
Or maybe you can manually add the drives to the jobs file, if its only the ui not supporting network drives.