Hackathon Plus First Corporate deal

The team is hard at work in the background preparing our presentation for the Sirius Hackathon. In other news, as you may have heard we’ve signed our first corporate deal with Flexpool.io, one of the best Chia farming pools. They are ordering thousand’s of Chia NFT’s for their farmers that we will provide in the coming weeks ahead of our public launch. All their farmers will also receive closed beta invites to our v2 wallet which integrates nft support. Thank you to Alex and his team for their business, they seem like a great Chia pool and we’d encourage everyone to check them out.


We’ve been working hard with DFI and Chia’s first major NFT artist Dury L on preparing our NFT giveaway to all Flexpool Chia farmers. Don’t worry, we are nowhere near the 10,000 mark so all current Flexpool Chia farmers will receive one.

Now here’s a sneak peak of the Chia’s! Say hello to Blueberry Bulb, Lemon Herb, and Lime Vine. These lovable Chia Plants will be the first major NFT release on Chia. Remember that these will be exclusive to Flexpool farmers and will be tradeable on DFI’s NFT marketplace once its open. (Please note that names and designs are not finalized).