Happy Holidays from Chia!

… This token is going to be airdropped into every wallet that has received a farmer reward for a block between the launch of Mainnet on March 19th, 2021 and Christmas Day 2021.

For 10% off Chia merch or a raffle for an NFT.

Seems to have given me three extra CAT Wallets, one with a credit of 250, one with 100 and one with 2. They all have the same receive address. Oddly the Dates all differ, Dec 17th, 1st Jan & 11th Jan.

Same here, very odd.

Good morning, I had another node spare with chia on it (synced up ok) installed Chia wallet and it shows the 4.00xxxx that I have, how long will it take for the extra to show up? My dates are between July 8th to Dec 23rd.



You have to add the custom token specified in the link on the first post, let us know if you can’t work it out. Hth.

Rubberduck, cyberduck, Rugby, Mark.

I know you!

I thought that wallet wasn’t to be installed on a machine running a node?

Well that’s spooky ! How?


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Correct @Bones , if you install the lightweight wallet on a farmer, it will stop farming although it is recoverable.

Correct too @Rubberduck


I made a copy of a full machine with Acronis Image, change the machine name, chia init the \ca that was copied to another spot to make a new ID and installed chia wallet on it.

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The first Cat Wallet has pending total balance 100

The second Cat Wallet has Pending Total Balance 2

i just don’t get it…i’m behind the news. what is this token, how can i find it and for what can i use it? Sorry if the question is dumb

@MadSilviu all on the initial post, have a look at the link.