Hardware requirements for CHIA plotting

Hello Everyone,

Please suggest hardware requirements for CHIA plotting. thanks in advance.


1000 posts that answer your way incomplete question. You can use anything from your old laptop to a high end server rack depending on how fast you want to plot and how much money you want to bet.

How much storage are you going to allocate/buy for your plots? How much money do you want to bet?
How powerful (fast) a plotter can you build to fulfill answer the first two questions?

So first you figure how much can you spend on storage and the plotting machine and then you figure out how much plotter you can build to fit your budget.

If you are just thinking of pumping out a couple of plots for the fun of it … don’t bother.

Thank you Sir for your response. Initially i have target to make 100 plots afterward go for 1000 plots. i have no budget constraint.


Well, with no budget it is simple.

You can start with this system or its equivalent to do your plotting:

You also get a second PC to do your farming. Any up to date large form factor office quality machine can fill this role well. More PCIe 3.0 SS slots is good.

I recommend that you plot K33 NFTs. You can plot 50/day and fit 80 of these on an 18TB HDD so now you need storage.

You could even plot K35s on this plotting machine if you wish. You might want to look into this option.

If you buy eight 18TB HDDs they will hold 640 K33s, equivalent to 1280 K32s and over your goal of 1000. You will need two PCIe 3.0 SS 4 bay storage arrays (or one 8 bay array but they are hard to find)


and I recommend getting a PCIe 3.0 SS powered hub

as you will be needing it for more arrays soon. Filling this storage with plots will take 13 days.

You will need 4 more 18TB HDDs and another 4 bay storage array every week to continue your growth plus more USB 3.0 SS hubs/ports as required.

You will need a lot of power bars and/or UPS (to avoid broken plots) to keep the machines and the growing number of PCIe 3.0 SS powered hubs running.

Of course, if this is not good enough you could go with a server rack setup … :rofl:

Have fun!

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It’s depend on how many plots you want to plotting? @aliali1214

less than 1,000 plot, It’s better to buy plots directly. The Hardware requirements maybe more than $1000

aliali1214 mentioned that he wanted to start with 1000 plots and had no budget. :crazy_face:

I don’t think it ever makes sense to buy plots. If you do not have have the ability to keep plotting then you should not make the Chia farm bet. Buying plots is just spending extra money if you are in for the long haul.

If Ali is actually serious about taking a no budget plunge into Chia farming at this point with any hope of success then he better go big or go home.

As I said earlier, depending on how many plots he needs,

No budget doesn’t mean no consideration of cost performance. I don’t think it’s cost-effective to invest 10K + to configure equipment at the beginning. Of course, professional players can buy equipment because of long-term demand, otherwise it’s not cost-effective to buy equipment less than 5,000plots

I think you’re missing the no budget joke …

Anyways, I stand by my Chia financial principle that if you cannot afford to do it yourself then you are looking at the wrong bet/hobby. Chia farming can no longer be called an investment and you cannot start this late unless you are a true believer and have a whack of cash to spend

Paying for cloud farming has become a bad joke and paying for plotting is not far behind.

Both of our advice is worth what Ali and others paid for it, but only you are selling something …

I absolutely agree with you

Lolz … I only wish I was Amazon.ca!!! :crazy_face:

I provided links to provide accurate examples. I am selling nothing.

You, on the other hand, are shilling your plotting service.

I answered Ali in the first place as a detailed but silly answer to a silly question. Paid plotting is extensively discussed elsewhere in appropriate threads.

As our chat has completely left the original questions I am now done with this thread.

Be well.

I’m sorry let you misunderstood,

I mean, the main difference is that I do sell things, not that you sell things on Amazon,