Harvester finds x plots eligible, farmer reports 0 plots eligible

Hi y’all,

I’ve made a multi machine setup where:
[Machine 1] is a FARMER
[Machine 2] is PLOTTER and HARVESTER

Full setup was done according to chia.net Wiki article… I’ve checked the full setup and config at least 10 times :slightly_smiling_face:

Everything seems to work just fin except that the HARVESTER reports that 1 (or more) plots were eligible for harvesting, while the farmer (at the same time stamp, or later) reports 0. Actually, in the farmer log I don’t have a single log with more than 0 plots eligible for harvesting :confused:

Does anyone have an idea what might be an issue?

Here are few config and log snapshots in one image:
(appologies for that, as a new user I can upload only one photo, for now)

Highlighted are what I believe connected logs between harvester and farmer. If you check the timestamps they correlate nicely.

Any ideas? Let me know if you need any more info or snapshots of the setup.

the one on your farmer is showing 0 plots? it will always be 0 proofs found with 0 plots.


And if you have the GUI installed on the farmer and you place one plot on its drive and add its location with chia plots add -d /dir then a live timeline of both the farmer and harvester’s challenges will appear in the GUI which is a useful place to check activity.

BTW nice presentation :+1:

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True. That is my farmer’s log and there I have no plots directly attached to it. that is why. All my plots are connected to plotter/harvester machine. Still, should farmer reflect in it’s logs plots eligible for farming as reported by harvester?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll try that and see what happens.

I guess this worked :slight_smile:
My farmer now has 4 plots and harvester 76 at the moment and still plotting.

In the screenshot bellow I have two different challenges that have passed the filter that match the number of plots available in each machine.

Is there a way to read the same INFO from the logs on farmer?