Harvester harvester_server : ERROR

I run 2 full nodes ver 1.1.6 on 2 different windows 10 PC, they are on different network which from I read, it wont be any problem to run full nodes on both machine but I get this error in debug.log. Can someone help me?

harvester harvester_server        : ERROR    Exception:  <class 'concurrent.futures._base.CancelledError'>, closing connection {'host': '', 'port': 8447}. Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "chia\server\server.py", line 536, in api_call
  File "asyncio\tasks.py", line 435, in wait_for

Are both nodes synced? Or are you just reporting an error in the log?

An this is in my config yaml, i did port forward. I dont know if my port forward working or not, but i put my pc IP into the host ip address and put 8444 into wan and lan port

Both synced, but still got errors in the log, only one of them get this error, the plot only pass 4k filter which only 83% efficiency over 24 hrs