Harvester limited?

hello guys,
i try connect my full node with 19 harvesters.
my full node saw 16 harvesters completly but full node not saw more harvesters.
its stuck on the farmer pannel. shows 0kb data transfer.
wallet has a limited harvester connections?
thank you.

What’s the question? Harvesters don’t need to be aware of ur wallet. They should be blank. No keys no wallets.
As for a limit I can surely tell you there is none u must of miss configured a couple. Iv run over 60+ harvesters. The gui does get a little buggy but this was a year ago.

I virtualized a harvester for every 10 plots.
Even tricked the gui into thinking I had 1 day to win with only 800 plots.

Harvesters are great but there’s a limit when hardware is limitation.

Can your node ping the harvesters?

thank you for trying help guys.
i guess chia network banned my ip adress for a while. i changed public ipv4 and everything is okey right now.

Why would you say that? Any reason that you can think of?

You do realize, that to be “banned” chia would need to block you on the introducer level (most likely port 53), and that would manifest in your full node not getting any peers. However, I seriously doubt that this is the case.

On the other hand, peers can block you for two reasons. Either you have potentially a rogue script when connecting to those peers (both in-/out-band connections), or you did not properly open port 8444 (only for inbound connections), as your side would not respond properly. Or some peers may block some countries, but you would not notice that, as most of the peers don’t block anything so your full node would be happy (maybe just gaining peers a bit slower - doubt if noticeable).

All that is just blocking access to peers, and nothing to do with your farmer to harvester(s) connection (port 8447) that is not exposed to anything else but your devices (so no one can block it, but your own setup - a mistake in config.yaml, etc.).

Where do you see that?

Wallet knows nothing about harvesters, as it only interacts with either your local full node (port 8444), or peers (over the same port).

i saw banned information on log file.
anyway i solve problem.

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That is just a standard chat between peers, when your node doesn’t really work as it supposed to, not really being banned on purpose. So, great that you have fixed it.

he was uaing ipv6 instead of ipv4

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ive connected over 60 harvesters to the gui.
this was a few versions ago. the gui did get a bit buggy but logs all looked good.

whilst trying this approach I found my nfts quickly being banned as I jumped from pool to pool. (by IP address)

as the numbers I was reporting didn’t make sense.
reporting partials 60X my actual plot count. with very fast response times. literally unraveling everything. having massive impact on the network. my gui read a few petabytes… with only my 1000 plots.

but I don’t think the chia network has the power (yet) to take down a whole node by ip…
but im for sure blacklisted at a few prominent pools. no doubt

Iv had luck using a vpn now and again… worth a shot… NordVPN is great ill say tho.
maybe even just a proxy is all thats needed. dunno.

but the real question is why does to many harvesters affect the network this way… iv ben shouting exploit bug for over 2 years…

their answer… oh just ban them… that fixs’s the problem for now.