Harvester not connecting + update trouble

Hi all,

I’m having problems with my harvester no longer being recognized by my farmer. I was having issues so i updated chia on both the harvester and full noce/farmer to try to get them both up to date. the node version landed on 1.3.6dev0 and was having severe syncing issues with the wallet and could only recognize a fraction of my plots on harvester, if any. and my harvester landed on 1.3.5 following the same update. since then ive attempted to install 1.3.5 to the node following the steps on the wiki, and when i

git status
it returns
HEAD detached from 1.3.5
nothing to commit, working tree clean

but the version it installs and runs is 1.2.1 and it cannot see my harvester still. i set up the harvester and it ran without fail for months. logs before i updated harvester said i needed to update harvester, and after i did i cant connect to the harvester anymore. internet connection is excellent, port 8447 is open, its all pointed to the right places. Very confused, can anyone point me in the right direction?

cd chia-blockchain
. ./activate
chia stop -d all
git fetch
git checkout 1.3.5
git reset --hard FETCH_HEAD --recurse-submodules
git status
sh install.sh
. ./activate
chia init

steps taken to update from 1.2.1 to 1.3.5 ^ unsuccessful*

after chia init i get the following return…

Chia directory /home/hespori/.chia/mainnet
/home/hespori/.chia/mainnet already exists, no migration action taken

and im right back to running v 1.2.1…

Can anyone advise on how to properly install matching versions on the harvester and farmer/node? I figure thats a good step to hopefully recognize my remote harvester again. Thx all

Did you run “chia init -c folder” on your harvester? That command needs to be run from time to time when running updates (Chia doesn’t indicate when it needs to be run, though), and for sure needs to be run when moving from v1.2 to v1.3.

If your farmer doesn’t like your harvester, then at least in the harvester logs you should have something about why it cannot connect to the farmer (whether the port is blocked, or SSL is not right (init -c not run on the harvester), …).

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Try as jasek advised, but also bear in mind both main and harvesters need to be on the same release, and iirc communication keys could need redoing after upgrades / downgrades.

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i figured that, my trouble is being unable to update them to the same version. as i follow the update section for ubuntu on the wiki, they update to different versions. very strange…

1.3.5 on harvester

1.3.6dev0 on the full node / farmer


Running ‘ps -Af | grep chia’ after ‘chia stop -d all’ seemed to be the necessary step to update to the same version rather than the dev0 version. harvester is connected to farmer again! for now…

Everything is reported as synced, though my rewards balance is 1 reward off, and my wallet is down over 2 chia despite being “synced.” My wallet in chia explore shows the correct ammount however… bug with this version???

I think that this is a common problem when updating to v1.3. You need to give it some time to fully settle down (say 30 mins), and if your XCH is still behind, stop chia, kill wallet db and let it sync the wallet again.

Are you running Linux? I have 1.3.6476 running on one of my test nodes in Windows 10.

I am running Ubuntu 20.04 yea

Again id say follow jacek advice.
Its a common issue, and deleting the wallet database, not the blockchain database will normally fix it.
Its quite fast for that database to sync.

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