Harvester question

Newbie here. Enjoying setting up a full nose with currently 64TB that is just finishing plotting.

Currently farming through a pool

Question is about harvesters, as this system will be used for plotting again later and running full nose is it better to have a harvester aswell?

If so, as the main system has all internal drives, is it worth network sharing these all would it be too slow?

Was looking at a mini type PC to run as a harvester.

Any help would be great. Thanks.

Only from my experience, if I understand your questions >

  1. You can combine everything in one PC or not. If you don’t combine it all to one, mini can work, as long as response to netspace, response to plots is fast enough. If you don’t separate f(x)s on 2 or more PCs, use a better PC, as plotting it will detract from the farming function at times, esp. under heavy plot loads (multiple GUI threads or MadMax) and also drive responses when copying to HD storage.

  2. I’ve had a network shared farming drives for drives being plotted whilst on my separate plotting PC. Eventually they get locally connected, but no issues in the meantime. Initially had a 1Gb wired network connecting them, but upgrade to 2.5Gb, then to 10Gb, just for fun. I don’t see any real response dif between them. Good luck!

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In my oppinion, running harvesters is only needed, if u cannot connect all ur HDDs to one pc, which is more likely on minis and pis.

Did u know, that u dont need a full node or even chia software at all on ur plotter?

Farming or harvesting over network-shares is generally not recommended, as response-times might decrease rewards.

I chose to run a farmer on a pi and used my main rig for plotting, but I never planned to plot more than my 64TB.