Has anybody won 0.25 in pool?

Hey there farmers of the world! Are there lucky dugs to brag? :nerd_face:

Yes, one of my harvesters won a block on SpacePool and I got my 0.25 fair and square.

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I have 82 plots plotted 1 at a time 2ish a day. Won a block in 6weeks. Pc froze I shut it down for a week turned it back on and won a block.

Pretty sure I should just format the drives at this point. :). Chance of winning has always been 3-5 years.

Yes, but also won 0.00000001 in transactions fees… Not sure why someone put it in, but I appreciate the tip. In 10 years I’ll take my family out for an incredible meal on this =D

What exactly happening when you’re winning? I’m also at SpacePool, got hundreds of “Proof Found” in logs records but nothing so far :slight_smile:

Those are just partial proofs sent to the pool : (

Yes I have won 1 block the other day in SpacePool. Finally accumulated my 1st XCH dollar and kept my precious in cold wallet.

With about 1400 plots on spacepool, I somehow won twice in the last 4 days. Got my .25 XCH each time, according to my wallet.

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Yes - I’ve found two blocks (and received 0.25 twice) on SpacePool in the last week.

won 2 xch (0.25 my share) on Spacepool last week, with only 348 plots

Managed to win a block on the pool about two weeks ago, which really surprised me, since I had won a block with my solo plots a few weeks before and I only have 570 plots total (all replotted for pool now)

How come this guy have found 1 block but has no 0.25 transaction in payouts?

I believe the pool has no control over the 0.25, only the 1.75, so the 0.25 is paid directly from the blockchain where the 1.75 is distrubuted to other members on the pool.

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ahh make sense gotcha :innocent:

I have won twice so far. I’m on poolchia.

Does any of you who won use GUI on windows?

I did, few days ago! You don’t see the 0.25 in the pool transactions, it goes directly to your wallet from the chia blockchain.

How this is happening, is it some beep sound or push notification over GUI? I saw it in my dream that way mwahaha :nerd_face:

There’s just nothing. You gaze at the screen and suddenly realiz “oh i won”

Heh… funny staff where is at least ta-dah :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: