Has anybody won in 1.6.1

just trying to figure if these bugs are critical …

I won this morning with 1.6.1 although via SpacePool, but a block is a block.

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I have won on November 5 - Myself not a pool.


with 1.6.1 version, are you sure?

I installed it on 4 November and received 1.75 and 0.25 on the 5 November - I just looked at when I downloaded the new version.

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It is guaranteed that this question is asked after every release. There should just be a thread automatically created after each release.

No, you will never win again. Sorry.


WolfGT is right :slight_smile:

Stop worrying we went through this already. Everything is fine.

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There should, but there isn’t. Don’t choke on your spit.

I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.


Did I throw them at you? Is english your second language? If these are supposed to be insults or jabs, I’m just not seeing it.

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Lol temper temper, maybe just look in the mirror

Wolfs answer was not the nicest ever, but no need to get that agressive over it.

You are asking about bugs, but what bugs are you talking about?
Not winning is not a bug, its chance

Ok i agree on keep my temper on a tolarable level. Anyway there is a bug exactly specified in next thread.

Not 1.6.1 but I had no win for 50 days with 1.6.0 (EWT is 17 days) and went back to 1.4.0 than I found a block after 2 days!! May be it was a bad luck?
Now I am on 1.5.0

Bram, you’d best be not pulling fast one, I know you want to


oh man this thread be wild, yo… haha

I know it doesn’t need to be said, but still, for what it is worth there are no known critical issues with 1.6.1 at this time!

if a release ever resulted in un-farmability (is that even a word? oh well it is now!) then we would be shouting it from the rooftops in ways that would be impossible to ignore no matter how disengaged you were.


I’ll thumbs up a rug pull joke. Love it :rofl:.

Yep, that’s me. At least I think it is. My friend (that nobody else can see) is sitting in my lap. So it makes it hard to see the screen. And he says I don’t need a another shrink. The 3 I have are doing fine!

Have you won a block yet?

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No, have you or anyone else?

here is more new old stuff:

2022-11-15T10:55:49.077 full_node chia.full_node.full_node: ERROR    got weight proof request for unknown peak b578393bc5c6f9c47a47c35e370507ee18fdd1aeb408f194440010715813b86e

Been about for apx 18 months at least.