Have I just missed a coin due to harvester lookup timeout?

wasn't able to add transaction with id **************5f1389673e4a*****, status 3 error: Err.COIN_AMOUNT_NEGATIVE

Bloody Hell
And this

harvester chia.harvester.harvester: WARNING Looking up qualities on E:\plot-k32-21-35-31edbaa63e215cc803192b2c47f7bdd8b36.plot took: 51.5418598651886. This should be below 5 seconds to minimize risk of losing rewards.

This you can ignore.

This is a problem that you need to look into…

The 51 second warning is definitely a problem. This doesn’t mean you missed a coin, but it could. You didn’t respond fast enough to find out. You have 30 seconds to do your search and respond. Take a look at your logs and see how long your searches are taking. If you want to see them live, you can open Powershell (if this is windows) and run the following command. FYI, you have to have logging set to INFO if you haven’t done this already.

Get-Content "~/.chia/mainnet/log/debug.log" -Wait | select-string -pattern "plots were eligible" -encoding ASCII

Each line is a search that ran and will show you how long it took. Normal searches take less than a second (normally .1 of a second or less) but if it goes over 5 seconds, you get a warning.

When you are done watching, just hit CTRL+C to stop it.


Thanks for the reply…
I think I have sussed it…
I was filling my last space and using this hdd as the temp drive…
Probably too much for my very old PC…
And thanks for the cli info … i will give it a go…

make sure you’re using harvesters instead of SMB shares; don’t use NAS, make sure you UPNP on ALL chia nodes is OFF and port 8444 is forwarded; don’t overload your farmer. On a consumer desktop I personally wouldn’t run more than 80TiB. Harvesters you can get away with a bit more than that, but again, keep things lean and quick.

There is nothing wrong with using a NAS. Just run a remote harvester on the NAS. That is what I’m doing and it runs fine.

sorry, don’t use NAS with SMB was what I meant. thanks for pointing that out! :slight_smile:

Not only a NAS can make some problems. I also have tried using external HDD enclosures. But you have to be careful there. Some of them feature an automatic power off setting, and you cannot control it over the operating system. And this will make problems.
A question about the UPNP. Do I have to deactivate it on all machines or on all except one (that where the port is forwarded to)?