Have i setup things correctly, what do you think, is this good?

Im brand new at this, running the gui chia blockchain on my fedora system and I’m wondering if i should invest in an 18TB drive and go bigger.

But as it currently is gleeming from my screenshots, is this good, will this eventually start generating any XCH? I think the funds i have are only from faucets but I’m not entirely sure if I’ve even gotten any rewards from my plotting.

Have i done correctly with the pool joining this isn’t the first pool I’ve joined in an attempt to lower the ETA reward time, last week it was at 22 years? is this good? I’m asking because 19 years ETA for reward…


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Hey, actually you don’t have active plots, your plots are connected to another contract, so you need to replot them in order to have plots connected to your active account

what do you mean, how can you tell?

Do i have to delete them or something? can i join a new pool and take them with me?

He has active plots, just not in the pool that is visible on that screen. The farm tab shows 11 plots but the pool in view shows 0.

So either you are solo farming your 11 plots or they are part of another pool that we can’t see in that screenshot.

As for the Estimated Time to Win, yeh, with such a small amount of plots you need to be part of a pool if you ever want to see any income.

WolfGT i am currently creating new plots.

i hadn’t joined any pool when i created my first, does that mean they are solo? can i tell my plots to farm for the current pool I’m in and also, have i joined it correctly meaning the one I’m currently supposed to be part of?

When you create a plot, you have to create it for a “pool” (actually an pool contract address or NFT)

So in your case when you create a plot, you have to select the option under join pool “Crimson Fowl”

Once you have plots active in Crimson Fowl, you can set the Crimson Fowl to join a pool with all the plots attached to it.

Any plots you created without that option, cannot join a pool anymore, so you will need to delete them and make new ones.

So you create plots assigned to the NFT called Crimson Fowl. Crimson Fowl can then join or switch to any pool you like.

today i created my first new plot in a while, at the bottom i noticed “join a pool” when choosing to create, i did that this time, haven’t done that before.

i am also wondering if this is a good drive for plotting: 18TB and if it’s even worth for me to buy it for 360€ and go bigger with the plotting?

so i have to delete all my plots? and i can never switch pool? is the pool I’m in any good?

++, I just put it differently

Yes, you need to replot your plots

Yes, you can choose another pool in the future and your new plots (which you’ll plot for a pool) will be kk

All pools are kind of the same, some of them just have different features. For example, space is the biggest so you will get rewards more often (but that doesn’t mean that they’ll be bigger). If you want to support decentralization - it would be better to join smaller pools. Personally I joined findchia, but it’s okey for you to choose any pool you like - the main thing is to be sure that it’s not scam and choose a pool that is going to be right for you by it’s features.

I use this drive and the 16TB variant in all of my servers. Drives come with 5 yr warranty and work without issues. 360€ is a bit on the expensive side, I think you can find much cheaper abroad: Toshiba Enterprise Capacity MG09ACA 18TB, 512e, SATA 6Gb/s ab € 310,60 (2021) | Preisvergleich Geizhals Deutschland
You need to take shipping into account, so try to buy multiple drives at a time…