Have you ever thought

Hallo mein leiber farmers :goat:

What if … nah nah nah … common … give it a try … really … what if whales like WD, Seagate,Toshiba and so on before they release new level technology, i don’t know some cubical crystal size of square inch which has 100tb+ capacity and cost $200, decided to have the whole world just selling out obsolete HDD park with that Chia insane?

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Huh? ( I don’t understand what that ramble meant)

Xlation > What if all drive makers are selling out (at premium prices) current drive stock, BEFORE releasing much higher capacity drives.

I’d say that’s a given, personally, as I have read interviews saying that they have the technology, just never though it would be needed ASAP, for example, for chia.

You see, it’s NOT that rambling for others :upside_down_face: Maybe you work for WD? :woman_farmer:

Yes I had that exact thought going through my head some time ago :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Bram in conspiracy with major HDD manufacturers at just the right time is just too convoluted.

A good conspiracy must have threads that mesh together.

If that was the case then be happy that they failed miserably : Chia network size is 35Eb and sales per year is ~1Zb. Assuming all the Chia space is new drives (which is very far from the truth, looking at people’s rigs) then that’s just 2-3% more volume sold.

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You have point. You have a point! And still paranoia isn’t that easy stuff to deal with :grimacing:

Sometimes, the best way to deal with paranoïa is to get therapy :grin: :wink:

Where do you think i’m hoping to get money for therapy? :face_with_monocle:

Obviously from your stocks in Western Digital :thinking:

You mixed me up with someone else :cowboy_hat_face: “I’m just a regular everyday normal mother f.cker” (c)